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BuildLink Cambridge

Mitch and Cam met in Cambridge, with both guys running their own well-respected and successful construction businesses. Over time, they both found themselves working for similar clients and even helping each other out from time to time.

Cam, Mitch and Haydn - BuildLink Cambridge
Cam, Haydn and Mitch

One workday, Mitch came into Cam’s office for a yarn as he often did. Mitch said, “There must be a better way, ever thought about teaming up?” Cam responded, “Been thinking about it a bit myself.” And so that afternoon, a few beers followed and a handshake was had.

Since the two guys like to get things done, the merger was pretty swift, and today we see a successful and honest local building company in the Waikato specialising in house and land development. Langsford and Ogle Homes.

The partnership thrives as both guys have a separate set of building and business skills accompanied by a very similar set of morals, ethics and visions of not only their futures but the futures of their families and friends. Mitch and Cam are big on loyalty, big on family and big on doing the right thing by their clients, their staff and each other.

The brainchild of opening a store in Cambridge came from a very similar thought pattern to that of opening Langsford and Ogle Homes. COVID had come, beaten up everyone and seemingly left.

The only problem was that service in the industry was still at an all-time low. Mitch and Cam were struggling to handle the day- to-day inefficiencies and came up with a pretty good idea – help the town out with a new, decent construction supply business.

They thought it was a long shot until Mitch got to looking around and, as he often does, found some good people with a good opportunity. Two years on – with a lot of help from Haydn their GM, Luke and Simon from the Support Office and Drew from Kiwi Timber.

Finally, the locals are going to be able to Buy Better and Build Better.

The boys are rearing to go!